The following directory gathers a good many helpful online resources I have used or encountered during my research, and the links (not necessarily organized in accordance with strict taxonomy) are grouped as follows
Real-Time Rendering
Rendering Overview, Graphics Hardware, Physically Based Rendering, Ray Tracing
Graphics API
OpenGL-Releases, OpenGL-Resources, Vulkan-Releases, Vulkan-Resources
Geometric Modeling
Computer Aided Geometric Design, Differential Geometry, Computational Geometry, Solid Modeling
Shape Representations
Mesh, Spline, Point, Subdivision, Implicit Surface
Artificial Intelligence
Maching Learning, Statistical Shape Modeling
Numerical Methods
Finite Element Method, Boundary Element Method, Isogeometric Analysis, Mathematical Optimization, Numerical Analysis
Computational Design/Manufacturing
Mechanics, Manufacturing, Shape Optimization, Topology Optimization
Application & Library
Data Sets

Real-Time Rendering [Top]

Rendering Overview
Real-Time Rendering (RTR) book (Ed.3, Ed.2)
Portal: RTR(Books/Portal/RayTracing/WebGL), KeSen Literature
Github: Graphics/OpenGL/WebGL/Vulkan/GameDev
Article: A trip through the Graphics Pipeline
Graphics Hardware
Wiki GPU Listing: Nvidia/AMD/Intel
Nvidia: GPUGems(1/2/3,Code), DevDocs
GPU Rendering
Article: Graphics Hardware History
Physically Based Rendering
Tech: Physically Based Shading (10/12/13/14/15/16/17)
LearnOpenGL, CodingLabs(PBR/CT), DTU Course
Paper: Torrance 1967, Walter 2007, Hoffman 2010(Slides),
Burley 2012, Karis 2013, Heitz 2014, Burley 2015
Specs: Google, Autodesk, Dassault, MaterialX, Nvidia
Apps: Blender, Unreal, Microsoft, Amazon, Sketchfab, Renderman
Assets: FreePBR, cc0textures, 3d-Wolf,, RefracIndex
Demo: ShaderToy, Babylonjs, Rhino3d
Articles: Marmoset(Theory/Contents), Substance3d(1/2),
Physical(1/2/3), Metalness, PBRTex, ArtIsAVerb
Ray Tracing
RTR Ray Tracing Resources
Github Awesome Ray Tracing
Nvidia RTX Ray Tracing
Data Exchange: glTF, FBX, USD(Apple/Nvidia/Blender)
Web-Assembly: Mozilla, Github, Emscripten

Graphics API [Top]

OpenGL - Releases
Org(ES/Web), Wiki(ES/Web), Registry(ES), Specs
GL: 4.6(P/S),4.5(P/S/Ref),4.4(P/S),4.3(P/S),4.2(P/S),4.1(P/S),4.0(P/S)
3.3(P/S3.3), 3.2*(Core/Compatibility/S1.5), 3.1(S1.4), 3.0(S1.3)
2.1(S1.2, Reference Pages), 2.0*(Shading Language 1.1)
1.5, 1.4, 1.3, 1.2, 1.1, 1.0
ES: 3.2(ESL3.2/Ref), 3.1(ESL3.1/Ref), 3.0(ESL3.0/Ref)
2.0(ES Shading Language 1.0, Ref)
1.1(Reference Pages), 1.0
Web: 2.0, 1.0
Vulkan - Releases
Org, Registry, Reference, Wiki, Guide
Specs: Vk1.2 (PDF) | Core (PDF) | KhrExt (PDF)
Vk1.1 (PDF) | Core (PDF) | KhrExt (PDF)
Vk1.0 (PDF) | Core (PDF) | KhrExt (PDF)
OpenGL - Resources
Github Awesome-OpenGL
Tutorial: LearnOpenGL, SongHo, NeHe, Durian, VideoLecturesRock,
WikiBooks, OpenGL-Tutorial, NateRobins,
RedBook (Code), SuperBible
Vulkan - Resources
Github Awesome-Vulkan
Article: How to Learn Vulkan
Tutorial: Vk-Tutorial, Ex-Demos, 30Min, Vk-Intro

Geometric Modeling [Top]

Computer Aided Geometric Design
CAGD book - Farin
CAGD notes -Sederberg
Shape Interrogation for CADM (PDF)
Geometric Modeling notes
Solid Modeling
Geometric Modeling: A First Course
Geometric and Solid Modeling
Notes: Hoffmann, Shapiro, Sadimon, Zhang
Wiki Listing: Geometric Kernels, CAD Software
Differential Geometry
Elementary DG - Raussen
Introduction to DG - Robbin
Comprehensive Introduction to DG - Spivak
DG course notes - Koch
Discrete DG forum (notes 1, notes 2)
Differential Geometry for CS course
Computational Geometry
Computational Geometry - d.Berg
Computational Geometry in C - O'Rourke (Code)
Graphics Gems (Code)
Discrete and Computational Geometry
Notes: Guibas, Mount, Shewchuck
Portals: Geometry in Action, Computational Geometry

Shape Representations [Top]

Polygon Mesh Processing
Mesh based Modeling @Eurographics
Elements of Geometry Processing (PDF)
Mesh parameterization course (PDF)
Mesh Deformation course (PDF)
Mesh & Grid Generation portal
Interative NURBS curve demo
Interactive Introduction to Splines demos
NURBS book (PDF)
Computing with Geometry notes
Geometric Modeling notes
Point-Based Graphics
Mark Pauly's thesis
Point-Based Computer Graphics notes
Point-Based Graphics portal
Course: DenisZorin(PDF)
Book: Subdivision Methods
Notes: Zhang(Curve/Surface)
Specs: Pixar-OpenSubDiv
Implicit Surface
Implicit Surfaces notes
Implicit Surfaces & Plolygonization notes
Implicit Surfaces notes
Introduction to Implicit Surfaces (notes)
Implicit surfaces notes

Artificial Intelligence [Top]

Maching Learning
Pattern Recognition & Machine Learning
The Elements of Statistical Learning (PDF)
Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning (PDF)
Information Theory, Inference & Learning Algorithms (PDF)
Machine Learning - Mitchell
Introduction to Machine Learning - Alpaydin
Introduction to Machine Learning - Smola
Machine Learning @VideoLectures
Deep Learning portal
Artificial Intelligence portal
Statistical Shape Modeling
Statistical Models of Shape - Davies
Statistical Shape Analysis - Dryden
Davies' thesis
Shape Symposium on SSM
Introduction to Active Shape Models - Cootes
Statistical Modeling Theory notes
A brief introduction notes
Geometry of Non-Rigid Shapes notes
In-the-Ear Hearing Aid Design thesis
SSM for geometry reconstruction thesis
Computing Correspondences @Eurographics

Numerical Methods [Top]

Finite Element Method
A First Course in Finite Elements
The Finite Element Method Set
Linear Static and Dynamic FEM
Courses (MIT, UMich, UColorado)
Notes: Papadopoulos, Liu
Internet FEM portal
Boundary Element Method
BE: An Introductory Course
BEM with Programming
Symmetric Galerkin BEM
A Beginner's Course in BEM
Isogeometric Analysis
IGA textbook
ICES reports
IGA primer
IGA 2014
Mathematical Optimization
Introduction to Optimum Design
Numerical Optimization
Convex Optimization (PDF)
Linear & Nonlinear Programming (PDF)
Trust-Region Methods
Practical Optimization (Animations)
Optimization Online
Global Optimization portal
Numerical Analysis
Numerical Recipes(PDF)
Holistic Numerical Methods
Numerical Methods portal
Net Resources portal

Computational Design and Manufacturing [Top]

Applied Mechanics of Solids
Theory of Elasticity
Strength of Materials Vol. 1, Vol. 2
Introduction to Continuum Mechanics
Continuum Mechanics - Bower
Continuum Mechanics - McGinty
Additive Manufacturing Technologies
Principles of CAD/CAM/CAE
Manufacturing Engineering & Technology
Computer-Aided Manufacturingy
Shape Optimization
An Introduction to Structural Optimization
Shape Optimization And Optimal Designs
Shape Sensitivity Analysis
Principles of Optimal Design
Variational Methods in Shape Optimization
Structural Design Optimization
Topology Optimization
Topology Optimization
88 lines code
Topology Optimization Guide

Software Development [Top]

C++ Reference, IsoOrg, Guidelines, AwesomeC++
Google, FaceBook

Application & Library [Top]

Numerical MATLAB, Mathematica, Maple
PETSc, Eigen, Armadillo
FreeFEM, GetFEM; B-E-M, FastBEM; GeoPDEs, Igafem, PetIGA
3D/CAx NX, Catia, Pro/E, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, OnShape
3dsMax, Maya, Blender, Rhino3D, Cinema4D, Sketchup
Mesh/Point Geomagic, VRMesh
MeshLab, OpenMesh, Gmesh, OpenFlipper, Graphite
Pointshop3D, PCL, CloudCompare
Image/Volume Mimics, OsiriX, 3DSlicer, 4DICOM
Development CGAL, LEDA, OpenCV, OpenSceneGraph
Visualization JT, VTK, Paraview, Tecplot, Geomview
GUI FLTK, wxWidgets, GTK, QT
Geometric Kernels Parasolid, ACIS, Open CASCADE, SMLib, C3D Modeler, IntelliCAD, BRL-CAD, sgCore

Data Sets [Top]

Mesh Aim@Shape, Stanford, MIT (Deformation, Dynamic), GaTech, Princeton, Utah, UBC, LOD
Volume Stanford, TU, Volvis, DigiMorph, Voreen, FAU, OSIRIX, Utah, UIowa, Aycan, Dicom info
Other UCI Repository, Damodaran's, KDnuggets

Miscellaneous [Top]

Mathamatics Multivariable Calculus, Paul's Notes, Bugman
Numerics IEEE754 Converter, Floating Point Arithmetic Primer
Geometry/Graphics Volume Rendering, Computer Vision Compendium, Illuminations, Optical Illusions