My name is Kang Li, and my major is Mechanical Engineering. I am a software engineer in the Direct Model group for the Teamcenter (Visualization) product line at Siemens Digital Industries Software (formerly UGS Corp. and then Siemens PLM Software).

I earned my Ph.D. degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology in May 2015, and my advisor is Dr. Xiaoping Qian. Prior to joining Qian's Lab in 2009, I got my B.S. in 2005 and M.S. in 2008 both in Mechanical Engineering from Tongji University (China), and spent the fall semester of 2008 studying with Dr. Utpal Roy at Syracuse University. My previous internships were with Siemens Corporation, Corporate Technology and Shanghai Maglev Transportation Development.

The primary research interests of mine are Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing, Geometric Modeling and Processing (polygon mesh, point-set surface and NURBS), Numerical Methods (Finite/Boundary Element Method, Isogeometric Analysis), and Machine Learining. Most of my research projects are funded by the National Science Foundation and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. A number of my publications have won the best paper award at the leading conferences in the areas of my research.

Here is my CV: TXT - PDF - PDF(short).